Senior Community Services

Hands-On Management
By maintaining direct involvement in operations, we ensure that each community is treated with same exceptional quality as the very first John Anthony Salon.

We conduct extensive background checks and certify each of our associates in abuse and dementia training.

Online Appointment Option
An easy, effective method of contacting John Anthony Salon, families can book appointments for their loved ones with our simple and clear format. This process allows the option of scheduling after normal business hours.Questions and concerns are immediately addressed by our experienced staff.

Online Bill Pay
John Anthony Salon makes it easy for families to take care of their loved one’s salon services. We use an easy to understand monthly statement option that can be received by mail or email.

Auto Payment Options
We strive to create a hassle-free experience for our customers. To make life just a littel easier, John Anthony Salon also offers automatic credit card and checking account payment options.

Customized Hours of Operation
Hours are catered to serve each community, based on demand and convenience.
Introduction Letters & Customer Profile Forms
Everyone is treated as family when visiting John Anthony Salon and we want to let them know they are always welcome. New residents in every community recieve welcoming introductory letters from John Anthony Salon.

Clean & Professional Environment
At John Anthony Salon we know a tidy, friendly environment can make a substantial positive difference for your residents. We strive to ensure this in each of our locations.

Licensed & Insured
We are fully licensed and insured. One of the building blocks of a business relationship with John Anthony Salon is guaranteeing your community and your residents know you are in professional hands.

MSDS Sheets
Health and safety are our top priorities. Every member of our staff is fully trained and knowledgeable in proper handling procedures for every product we use.

Professional Products & Services
We always use products we trust to meet and exceed customer expectations and we take the same approach with our staff.